At CANADIAN MANDA GROUP everyone contributes to the team in their own unique way whether it's by being the on-trend special markets expert, the resident young adult aficionado or the type A data wizard - we enjoy working together to bring our clients the best possible service and care. 


National Accounts

Peter Hill-Field
Director, Sales & Marketing
Tel: 416.516.0911 x238

Chris Hickey
National Account Manager
Tel: 416.516.0911 x229

Anthony Iantorno
Manager, National Accounts
Tel: 416.516.0911 x242

Emily Patry
National Account &
Communications Manager
Tel: 416.516.0911 x230

Joanne Adams
National Account Manager
Tel: 416.516.0911 x224

David Farag
Sales & Marketing Coordinator, National Accounts
Tel: 416.516.0911 x248



Iolanda Millar
Account Manager
British Columbia, Yukon & Northern Territories
Tel: 604.662.3511 x246

Ryan Muscat
Account Manager
Ontario & Manitoba
Tel: 416.516.0911 x230

Robert Patterson
Account Manager
British Columbia
Tel: 604.662.3511 x247

Dave Nadalin
Account Manager
Tel: 416.516.0911 x400

Jean Cichon
Account Manager
Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba
Tel: 403.202.0922 x245

Jacques Filippi
Account Manager
Quebec & Atlantic Provinces
Tel: 1.855.626.3222 x244


Tim Gain
National Account Manager
Library Market
Tel: 416.516.0911 x231

Nikki Turner
Account Manager
Trade & Library Market
Tel: 416.516.0911 x225

For more information on Dewey Divas and Dudes, librarian and teacher resource links, library hot lists and publisher/distributor catalogues please contact Tim Gain. 


Ellen Warwick
National Account Manager,
Special Markets
Tel: 416.516.0911 x240

Kristina Koski
Account Manager,
Special Markets
Tel: 416.516.0911 x234

Jessey Glibbery
Account Manager,
Special Markets
Tel: 416.516.0911 x228


Mark Wilson
Account Manager
Ingram Content Group
Tel: 416.516.0911 x232

For more information visit:


CANADIAN MANDA GROUP is an independent sales agency representing many different publishers.  We do not sell to the general public, but if you’d like to locate a bookstore near you that carries any of the titles we represent, please visit the Canadian Booksellers Association Find a Bookstore page.

To find the sales representative in your area please visit HOW TO ORDER AND NEW ACCOUNT INQUIRIES →