The New Urban Crisis

Richard Florida’s THE NEW URBAN CRISIS is receiving terrific media coverage in Canada!

Quill & Quire mentions the book in their spring preview

The Calgary Herald highlights the book

Richard Florida’s op-ed piece ran in The Province 

The Globe and Mail ran a review

Richard Florida’s op-ed ran in the Toronto Star 

Toronto Life ran a Q&A

Rotman School of Management ran a review

Sharp highlights the book

The Toronto Star piece was picked up by Our Windsor 

Urban interview with Richard Florida

Pub date: 4/11; ISBN: 9780465079742; $36.50

Pub date: 4/11; ISBN: 9780465079742; $36.50

The New Urban Crisis

How Our Cities Are Increasing Inequality, Deepening Segregation, and Failing the Middle Class—and What We Can Do About It

by Richard Florida

In recent years, the young, educated, and affluent have surged back into cities, reversing decades of suburban flight and urban decline. And yet all is not well, Richard Florida argues in The New Urban Crisis. Florida, one of the first scholars to anticipate this back-to-the-city movement in his groundbreaking The Rise of the Creative Class, demonstrates how the same forces that power the growth of the world's superstar cities also generate their vexing challenges: gentrification, unaffordability, segregation, and inequality. Meanwhile, many more cities still stagnate, and middle-class neighborhoods everywhere are disappearing. Our winner-take-all cities are just one manifestation of a profound crisis in today's urbanized knowledge economy. 

A bracingly original work of research and analysis, The New Urban Crisis offers a compelling diagnosis of our economic ills and a bold prescription for more inclusive cities capable of ensuring growth and prosperity for all.




    National Poetry Month

    When people think of April, there are a couple of things that might immediately come to mind like April Fools’ or April showers…but one thing that you might not have known about this fourth month of the year is that it’s also National Poetry Month (follow this link to learn more!). Yes, April does in fact have more to offer than just practical jokes and soggy weather—and given the latter, curling up with a poem or two (or ten) could just be what we all need!

    If you enjoy reading literature from the past, these collections are great—since 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge, this anthology of poetry from the First World War is timely. And while this next collection might not actually be from ancient Egypt, who could resist verses composed by the greats like John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Alfred Tennyson? If you’re more inclined towards more modern poets, Extravagant Stranger: A Memoir in Prose Poetry should do the trick!

    You might also be interested in literature from around the world, in which case these collections should be perfect. First off (and no bias here!), The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2016 is a must-have for any anyone interested in contemporary Canadian poets. Over on the British Isles, The Wake Forest Series of Irish Poetry Vol IV has a great sampling of Irish voices, and The Other Tiger: Recent Poetry from Latin America gathers in translation from Spanish the works of several well-known poets who explore themes related to the experiences of the peoples of Latin America.

    Poetry doesn’t need to be just for adults though! There’s a great series geared towards children, two of which feature the poems of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman, together with some wonderful illustrations.

    And finally, if you feel like sharing your love of poetry for all to see, consider these wall calendars— whether you want to express your love of haikus and appreciation for Japanese culture or your “adulting” woes, these are great for proudly displaying around your home!



    Cult Classic - BROTHERS

    [A]n exhilarating collision of genres [...] this intelligent and urgently written tale is likely to earn a cult following.
    — Publishers Weekly
    Baraka Books, 9781771860864

    Baraka Books, 9781771860864

    Brothers is a coming-of-age story that develops unusually, moving briskly and capturing the temporal and spatial shifting of a dream . . . The novel’s distinctive dreamlike flavour is strong and well-executed . . . a very open, very readable adventure.
    — Winnipeg Review
    The best book I read all year.
    — National Post
    By using timeless techniques to distill various traditions into a singular, satisfying story, Brothers offers a genuine example of literary innovation.
    — Quill & Quire
    — Globe and Mail
    A surprising blend of fairy tale and adventure story, Brothers is a violent epic that feels like an ancient legend. A remarkable first novel, anchored in the traditions of another age and carried along by modern language.
    — Lettres québécoises
    Katia Grubisic’s translation of the text offers flowing, unadorned prose that sings with the depth and simplicity of the story. Clerson’s narrative charms lead us wilfully to unknown and unthinkable places. In the end, the reader is left with a single feather of hope, and the knowledge that beautiful monsters lurk at the fringes of CanLit.
    — Montreal Review of Books

    About the Book

    David Clerson's first novel won the Grand prix littéraire Archambault 2014. It is an original piece of fiction, steeped in myth and fable, a reflection of our own familiar surroundings in a distorting mirror. This world of "monstrous creatures, bigger than anything they could imagine, two-headed fish, turtles with shells as huge as islands, whales with mouths big enough to swallow up whole cities" is seen through the eyes of two brothers, the elder brother missing an arm, the younger fashioned by his mother from that arm.



    Prose Fiction, 2017 Alcuin Society Design Awards

    The Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada is the only national competition for book design in the country.  This year’s judges, Judith Poirier, Matt Warburton, and Robin Mitchell Cranfield, selected 35 winning titles from 211 entries, from 9 provinces and 93 publishers. 

    Congratulations to the following winners!:


    SECOND PRIZE: BENOIT TARDIF | designer of Metropolis, by Benoit Tardif (Kids Can Press);



    HONOURABLE MENTION: HENRIETTE VALIUM | designer of The Palace of Champions, by Henriette Valium. Conundrum Press.



    FIRST PRIZE: NATALIE OLSEN | designer of You Can’t Bury Them All, by Patrick Woodcock (ECW Press);

    THIRD PRIZE (TIE): NATALIE OLSEN | designer of On Not Losing My Father’s Ashes in the Flood, by Richard Harrison (Wolsak and Wynn);

    HONOURABLE MENTION: TIM INKSTER | designer of The Essential D.G. Jones, edited by Jim Johnstone (The Porcupine’s Quill).


    FIRST PRIZE: BETH OBERHOLTZER (Oberholtzer Design Inc.) | designer of The. Hope., by Craig Francis Power (Pedlar Press);

    SECOND PRIZE: KATE HARGREAVES | designer of Lost Animal Club: Stories, by Kevin A. Couture (NeWest Press);



    New Release: Visual Feast

    Editors: Gestalten, March 2017, Full color, hardcover, 240 pages, ISBN: 978-3-89955-695-7

    Editors: Gestalten, March 2017, Full color, hardcover, 240 pages, ISBN: 978-3-89955-695-7

    Visual Feast: Contemporary Food Staging and Photography

    We eat with our eyes. People love to stage and take photos of their food. Driven by Instagram and the advertising industry, stylists, gourmandizers, and photographers continually invent new ways of presenting food as both delectable and radical. Visual Feast presents work nonpareil from this growing scene.

    Sharing photos of food has become entrenched in our daily lives. Visual Feast celebrates the interplay between a myriad of styles: maps created from vegetables, lobsters painted gold to adorn tables, jelly molded into witty dishes.  These images can be readily found on social media, in magazine editorials, or transformed into infographics.

    Food photographers and stylists create innovative images that make mouths water, eyes widen, and nostrils inhale imagined scents. Quenching creative curiosities and satisfying even the keenest of artistic palettes, Visual Feast explores food staging and exists as a tome of inspiration for those immersed and intrigued by its yummy and alluring realm.



    The Perfect Bedtime Story

    This beautiful picture book is a gentle, dreamlike tale about heading home in the night. 

    A web of enchantment draws readers into this affecting story.
    — Publishers Weekly, starred review
    978-1-77138-663-0 | Apr 4, 2017 List Price: CAD $18.95 4-color 8 x 10 1/4 32 pages Grades: PreSchool To 2 / Ages: 3 to 7

    978-1-77138-663-0 | Apr 4, 2017

    List Price: CAD $18.95

    4-color 8 x 10 1/4 32 pages

    Grades: PreSchool To 2 / Ages: 3 to 7


     Written by Akiko Miyakoshi

    Illustrated by Akiko Miyakoshi

     A mother rabbit and her young bunny are on their way home in the dark night. “My mother carries me through the quiet streets,” the bunny explains. “Most of our neighbors are already home.” The bunny can see their lights in the windows, and hear and smell what they might be doing: talking on the phone, pulling a pie out of the oven, having a party, saying goodbye. When they reach home, the father rabbit tucks the bunny into bed. But the bunny continues to wonder about the neighbors' activities. “Are the party guests saying goodnight? Is the person on the phone getting ready for bed?” And what of the footsteps that can be heard in the street as the bunny falls asleep? “Will she take the last train home?”

    This beautiful picture book captures the magical wonder a child feels at being outside in the night. Award-winning author and illustrator Akiko Miyakoshi's softly focused black-and-white illustrations with just a touch of neutral color have a dreamlike quality, just right for nodding off to sleep with. The book is intriguing in that it contains twice-told stories, once as they are observed and second as the bunny imagines them. This offers a perfect prompt for young children to create extensions of other stories they have read or heard. A deeper reading could encourage critical thinking by comparing the different pastimes of the neighbors or, ultimately, what it means to be home.

    ...this reflective, dreamy tale with its timeless art is a must for the bedtime shelf.
    — Kirkus Reviews, starred review



    ECW Press Two Big Reviews!

    McGrath’s debut is a tight, vulnerable, trimmed-to-the-bone experience . . . a playlist of moments that define a life or story.
    — Publishers Weekly, March 27, 2017
    Berlin-Warszawa Express by Eamon McGrath, paper / May 2017, 9781770413283, $19.95

    Berlin-Warszawa Express by Eamon McGrath, paper / May 2017, 9781770413283, $19.95

    Funny, touching, genre-bending, and one-of-a-kind, this is an exuberant romp of a novel that is nonetheless unafraid of serious subjects.
    — Publishers Weekly. March 27, 2017
    Sputnik's Children by Terri Favro, paper / April 2017, 9781770413412, $19.95 

    Sputnik's Children by Terri Favro, paper / April 2017, 9781770413412, $19.95 



    A Few of My Favourite Spring Book Covers

    We’ve all heard how we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…but who are we kidding, we all do it anyways! Covers are our first impression of a book—and besides, book cover illustrators go through a lot of time and effort to produce some incredible jackets, so it’s only fitting to take a minute or two and admire their work! In that spirit, here are a couple of our favourite covers for Spring titles (and these are just a few!)


    A friend of mine just had her baby, so I was a little tempted to mention How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids (Little Brown—March 21) and although I know new fathers won’t be on their phones while trying to feed their children (at least one can hope!), Dunn’s book does offer serious and helpful advice to couples about maintaining their relationship after children, and how through working together in their new dynamic both partners can achieve a sense of peace and mutual understanding.

    In terms of kids’ books, The End of the Wild (Mulholland—April 11) and More of Me (Abrams—June 13) will stand out on any bookshelf. Their stories might be vastly different, but you can’t deny how well-designed their covers are. And with the drawings framing its border, the cover of From Ant to Eagle (April 1) has a simplicity to it that must be admired and that instantly draws you in.

    If memoirs by well-respected Canadian authors are your thing, then Antanas Sileika’s The Barefoot Bingo Caller (ECW—May 16) has the perfect cover—a little bit of bold, a little bit of nostalgia work great together to make this cover what it is. And with praise from Miriam Toews and Will Ferguson, it’s a guaranteed must-read!

    And finally, Alice & The Assassin (Crooked Lane—April 11) has a cover that strikes that perfect balance of elegance and mystery—and the smoking gun is a great added touch! Plus, who wouldn’t want to follow along with Alice Roosevelt (yes, that Roosevelt) as she goes about investigating crimes in this new historical mystery series?

    So, there you have it, just a small selection of great covers and books to keep you company during the prime reading months of Spring!



    ABRAMS Announces New Imprint

    Announcing Abrams Press

    a text-driven imprint with a focus on
    narrative nonfiction

    Abrams Press will publish books that cover a broad range of categories including popular culture, film, art, design, general-interest science, nature, food topics, and more. 

    “I am thrilled with the list we are putting together for Abrams Press,” says Executive Editor Jamison Stoltz, who has been charged with shaping the vision of the new imprint with the goal of acquiring a select list of great books by great writers. “These are all extraordinarily talented writers who offer unique perspectives on fascinating and diverse subjects.”

    The first book to be published under Abrams Press will be Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America (May 16, 2017) by bestselling author Michael Ruhlman. The book offers a provocative look at food issues through the lens of the supermarket, exploring the ways in which we produce, market, and consume our food. A mix of reportage, personal history, and social commentary, Grocery is a landmark book from one of our most insightful food writers.

    “With Abrams Press, we are realizing a long-standing desire to add timely, thought-provoking narrative books to our already successful adult publishing portfolio. We want to publish more writers in our own special way. With the launch of Abrams Press, it is our moment to do so,” says President and CEO Michael Jacobs.   




    Before The Devil Breaks You Cover Reveal

    Entertainment Weekly has exclusively revealed the cover for Libba Bray’s BEFORE THE DEVIL BREAKS YOU, the highly-anticipated third book in the bestselling Diviners series and unveils an exclusive excerpt!

    Before the Devil Breaks You (The Diviners, Book 3) | On-Sale: October 3, 2017 | 9780316126069 | $19.99

    Before the Devil Breaks You (The Diviners, Book 3) | On-Sale: October 3, 2017 | 9780316126069 | $19.99

    The NEW cover designs for the paperback editions of THE DIVINERS (book 1) and LAIR OF DREAMS (book 2), which will hit shelves in September!